How lovely it must be to be a flower

For those who love flowers passionately (as well as their symbolism). If there are any sorts of flowers or pictures you want to see more of, just ask. I'd be more than happy to do that for you.

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Normann Szkop


Normann Szkop

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Some of the cactuses look like they are wearing flower crowns


Some of the cactuses look like they are wearing flower crowns

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Monotropa Uniflora

"Also known as the ghost plantIndian pipe, or corpse plant. 

Unlike most plants, it is white and does not contain chlorophyll. Instead of generating energy from sunlight, it is parasitic, more specifically a myco-heterotroph. Its hosts are certain fungi that are mycorrhizal with trees, meaning it ultimately gets its energy from photosynthetic trees. Since it is not dependent on sunlight to grow, it can grow in very dark environments as in the understory of dense forest. It is often associated with beech trees. 

The complex relationship that allows this plant to grow also makes propagation difficult.

The plant is sometimes completely white but commonly has black flecks and a pale pink coloration. Rare variants may have a deep red color.”

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{Flower Fabric Dyeing ⎢ I Art U}

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